What is the Palomar Lux 1540?


The Palomar 1540 is a fractional erbium, non-ablative laser treatment that treats scarring, smoothes texture, stimulates collagen and tightens the skin via a series of 3-5 treatments typically at 6-8 week intervals.


This treatment leaves the top layer of the skin intact and initiates a natural healing process within your skin.


How does the Palomar 1540 work?


1540 Fractional skin resurfacing with the Palomar Starlux uses an array of high precision, non-ablative erbium laser microbeams to create narrow, deep columns of tissue coagulation that extend through the epidermis into the dermal layer of the skin. This initiates a healing process that re-stimulates collagen while our body accelerates the formation of new, healthy tissue to replace the columns.


The result is smoother, tighter, firmer skin that only improves in the months following treatment as the skin produces more collagen. Our patients also appreciate the improvement in skin tone as the health of their skin is improved.


What should I expect after a Palomar 1540 treatment?


When receiving a treatment you will typically be at our office for a couple hours due to numbing and treatment time. Immediately following your treatment expect to experience a moderate “sunburn-like” sensation for up to a few hours.


Allow 3-5 days of healing time with pink, puffy skin. Skin may also have a rough texture that can last up to three weeks that is typically not noticeable to others. Most patients return to work anywhere from 2-5 days post treatment, depending on individual variation in healing time and on their profession.


For optimal results, a series of 3-5 treatments should be received in 6-8 week intervals.